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Age limit debate: Ugandan Locals hurl insults at NRM supporters in bus
PHOTO:The NRM bus carrying party supporters near Mulago national referral hospital roundabout. PHOTO BY ANTHONY WESAKA

Anthony Wesaka

Oct,24-2017 09:00:43
As the age limit debate continues to rage on, workers at a local washing bay near Mulago national referral hospital roundabout in the capital city, this morning, hurled insults at a group of the ruling NRM supporters who were travelling in a yellow bus.

As the bus drove past the washing bay, the workers left whatever they were doing, run after it and hurled all sorts of comments and insults at the people inside it.

"I wish you get involved in a terrible accident all of you in that bus. We are tired of this government," one of the workers shouted.

Another man shouted: "Look at them, they all look like poverty. So you want to sell our country for a few coins?"

The insults directed at passengers in the yellow bus, comes at a time when the political temperatures in the country are high over the age limit debate, where some sections support the amending of Article 102 (b) to scrap the 75-year clause from the Constitution, which would make President Museveni eligible to contest in the next general elections, while others are against it.

Some of the lawmakers have been insulted at public functions for supporting the lifting of the presidential age limit with the latest victim being Kabula County MP James Kakooza.

The Igara West MP Raphael Magyezi, who is the mover of this age limit Bill that has brought these sharp divisions in the country, has since tabled it before Parliament amidst fist fights, and kicking as the opposition MPs attempted to block it.

The same controversial age limit Bill has since been referred to the to the House's Committee on Legal and Parliamentary Affairs for scrutiny before it can be returned to the full House.


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