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Kenyan man commits suicide in Worcester near Boston
Chemical suicide
PHOTO:Emergency rescue teams at a suicide scene in Worcester MA.PIC BY COURTESY/WORCESTER TELEGRAM

Steven H. Foskett Jr. , Worcester Telegram

Jul,12-2017 13:28:32
Editors note:
A Kenyan man in his early 20's committed suicide in Worcester near Boston Tuesday last week, shocking many in the community; barely one week after another 28 year old Kenyan man took his life in Atlanta, Georgia. More from the Worcester Telegram below...

Hazardous materials team responds to suicide scene in Worcester

WORCESTER - A chemically-assisted suicide triggered a hazardous materials response on upper Pleasant Street last Tuesday (February 21st) night.

Police officers and detectives, firefighters, and emergency medical personnel linedPleasant Street at Edwidge Streetinto the evening. Around 9:45 p.m. a sport-utility vehicle from the state medical examiner's office arrived.

Neither police nor fire officials offered details on the identity of the victim Tuesday night; police said they generally don't comment on suicides, but confirmed they responded to an apparent suicide at a residence on Pleasant Street.

As the evening wore on, firefighters donned protective suits with self-contained breathing equipment and entered the house with plastic-lined bins. Several minutes later they came out of the house, and soon after police were allowed to enter the home.

Neighbors watching across the street said they did not know what was going on.

Deputy Fire Chief John F. Sullivan said it was not exactly clear Tuesday night what chemical mix was used, but said it is generally inhaled. He said whatever reaction had occurred in the suicide had long dissipated by the time firefighters arrived Tuesday night, but out of an abundance of caution, and not knowing what chemicals were present, commanders called for a "Tier 2" hazardous materials response, which opens up the city to more state resources and expertise.

Once it was determined there was no danger remaining in the home, the response was lowered to a "Tier 1" level. He said there was never any danger to neighbors or even family members outside of the room where the victim was found.

While most firefighters left the area around 9 p.m., police and some personnel remained at the house into the night.


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