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Kenyan Teen Go Missing in Lowell, MA
Victor Warui
PHOTO:Victor Warui, a Kenyan teenager reported missing in Lowell, MA. PIC/FAMILY FILE

Harrison Maina

Dec,01-2014 07:53:05
According to Warui's mother,it has been more than 48 hours since she saw her son and no contact has been made since, prompting her to report the issue at the Lowell Police Department  and send out word in the Kenyan community.

"I was with him at around 5pm on Monday in our house. He then left without telling us where he was headed to and did come back to the house even at 11pm,"said Esther Warui on a telephone call to Ajabu Africa News.

Warui added that the worried family cannot reach the missing teenager on a call phone since she had withdrawn the privilege from him on the day he went missing because he was spending most of his days and nights talking on the phone.

"We can't reach him at all. He has not called me or his younger brother, Kelly Warui. We have contacted all his known friends and no one has seen him anywhere,"said the worried mother of two.

She added that officers from the Lowell Police Department visited the family's house Thursday morning to follow up on the already reported issue.
The missing teenager is scheduled to start college at  the Middlesex Community college, Lawrence Campus this fall.

The family is pleading with anyone who may have any information about the missing Kenyan to contact them immediately at: (978) 551-2236 or the Lowell Police Department at: (978) 937-3200.


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