Unrest forced Raila to go to Zanzibar on Sunday night - Salim Lone
Nasa protests
PHOTO: A man makes his way through rising tear gas fired by riot police officers to disperse supporters of opposition leader Raila Odinga in Nairobi, November 17, 2017. /REUTERS
Nov,23-2017 12:25:59
"The unrest pushed Odinga out of the country. He left Kenya and is now in Zanzibar, off the coast of mainland Tanzania," Lone told the New York Times on Monday.

The NASA chief arrived to a grand welcome from the US on Sunday but tear gas and shootings followed.

Tension carried on over the weekend and on Sunday, police fired teargas to disperse a crowd that was protesting against the murder of five people in Riverside near Mathare.

Earlier today, Raila's daughter Winnie said a tear gas canister was thrown at his car before fire was opened.

In a statement by Lone,Winnie said a gunshot was what damaged the windscreen of the car her father travelled in from the JKIA in Nairobi. The car was damaged on Jogoo Road as the two moved along surrounded by his supporters.

A six-judge bench has dismissed petitions challenging President Uhuru Kenyatta's election and upheld his victory.

Chief Justice David Maraga said the Supreme Court upheld Uhuru's re-election in the re-run as two key petitions against the victory lacked merit.

In his response to the verdict, the opposition leader said President Uhuru Kenyatta's rule remains illegitimate.