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OPINION: Uhuruto best suited to empower Kenyan women for real change
Kenyan women

Uhuruto Diaspora

Oct,24-2017 07:22:59
WASHINGTON D.C__The new election campaign in Kenya and the revisiting of the credentials of the candidates gives us the opportunity to ask what is in there for us as Kenyan women. None of the candidates or their deputies are women. As Jubilee and UhuRutoTano Tena diaspora supporters, we take this opportunity to express the reasons why UhuRuto are the best leaders for Kenyan women.

We wholeheartedly embrace Jubilee's manifesto anchored on the pillars of transforming Lives, transforming Society and transforming the Nation.

One of the reasons why Uhuruto won women's vote in August is we saw that they worked hard to include women in the government. President Uhuru treats women with respect and as equal leaders in decision making. President Uhuru sends a woman, CS Amina C. Mohammed, to negotiate with the world on behalf of Kenya, and he has shown that women can be involved in defense of our country through leaders such as CS Omamo. In the Jubilee era, 25.5% of the Cabinet and 36.6% of Principal Secretaries are now women.

12 of the 16 elected women representatives in the 11th Parliament are Jubilee party nominees. Those numbers increased in the August elections. During the campaign, President Uhuru publicly endorsed and urged the people of Bormet to elect Laboso as the first female governor in Kenya. They did, and we now have Laboso and Waiguru as Jubilee women governors.

Kenyan women will never forget that it was under the Jubilee government that Kenya women gained equal rights in marriage and equal share of property acquired through the enactment of the Marriage Act 2014 and the Matrimonial Property Act. Kenyan women and girls understand the full impact of gender-based violence and are grateful for the development of a National Policy for the prevention of and response to Gender Based Violence (GBV).

This policy provides guidelines on how to implement prevention activities of violence against women and girls.
 Also, Jubilee did not shy away from addressing harmful cultural practices by reducing female genital mutilation and cutting from 27% before 2013 to 21% in 2016.

As the economy of Kenya improves, so do the lives of women. Kenyan women need to be more engaged in emerging economies. UhuRuto through dramatically expanding funding for incubating women enterprises, through the Women Enterprise Fund (WEF), have demonstrated their commitment to support women. We believe in Jubilee's commitment to make the "economy more broad based, inclusive and modern, and to build the infrastructure for the 21st century."

We want to see the hastening of land reforms and protection of the environment. All these affect us as women and our families. We want to see new jobs for us and our children. Also, we want to participate fully in the global economy. The Jubilee government has promised to make that possible. President Uhuru has worked hard to show that he is a leader for all Kenyans. He has committed resources to transform farmers throughout the country. Women form the bulk of farmers in Kenya.

On education, there is no better way to improve women's lives in Kenya than ensuring girls have access to education at all levels and in every county. Uhuruto's commitment to providing free education will open doors to millions of girls in Kenya to gain a higher education. The commitment to expand the free primary school program to include free day public secondary schools in Kenya will benefit boys and girls equally. Investing in education creates a bright future for Kenya.

Providing free maternal health services saves the lives of mothers and babies, and helps reduce the rate of maternal mortality in Kenya. We endorse the efforts and commitment of Jubilee to expand free maternity care to include government funded NHIF cover for every expectant mother for one year. Such policies will give women access to life-saving services, including sexual and reproductive health, prenatal and post-natal care.

UhuRuto have promised to "accelerate the empowerment of women, ensuring that their rights and liberties are protected and providing the skills and resources to participate at all levels in the social, political and economic spheres."

That is what is in it for us as Kenyan women. More work remains, and we believe that the Jubilee government will continue to transform women's lives in Kenya. When you invest in women and girls, you transform a community and a nation. Kenyan women look forward to working with the Jubilee government to make it happen for Kenyan women and girls and our communities. TukoPamoja.

UhuRuto "Tano Tena" Diaspora Team

Bernard Bosire

Cathy Gitimu

Betty Mwema

David Koech

Dr. Ben Chepkoit

Douglas Mutua

Dr. Pauline Muchina

Dr. Jane Waithera

Emily Hadassah

Joseph Sitienei

Joy Njenga

Maurice Kinyanjui

Noah Ole Moinkett

Rev. Harun Gatobu

Vincent Tongi

Wilfred Kandie


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