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OPINION: Why Kenyans need to reelect Uhuru Kenyatta- RUTERE
PHOTO:John Rutere of New York and his wife. PIC BY COURTESY.

John Rutere

Oct,24-2017 06:55:34
NEW YORK__I am a Kenyan living in the diaspora and am extremely proud to support His Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta's re-electionfor another five years. The benefits of Uhuru’s first term in office have been felt, not just by people in Kenya but also by Kenyan’s in the Diaspora.

There is a good reason why diaspora remittances have doubled during President Uhuru’s first term in office.

Family members back in Kenya have benefited from better and expanded road network, expanded electricity connectivity, free primary school education, improved security, bringing government services closer to the people through Huduma centers, providing medical equipment to county hospitals and many, many other benefits.

As a result, a lot of diaspora remittances, which previously went towards family support, are now directed towards investment which is helping empower our families and local communities. At a personal level, at the beginning of President Uhuru’s first term, my family was spending over Kshs 20,000 per week on dialysis for my mother who suffers from acute kidney failure. In the last five years, through the Government’s efforts, NHIF has expanded to cover dialysis, CT Scan, MRI, etc.

My mother is now fully covered by NHIF for her dialysis and even better, she has the choice of having the dialysis done at Meru Level 5 hospital thanks to the Government's efforts to fully equip hospitals in every county. The money we were spending on dialysis has been channeled to improving my parent's dairy farming, and their income has now tripled.

Everyone is a winner! Everyone can clearly see what this government has done for the last five years. I love my mother dearly and am very proud in joining her to say TANO TENA to his Excellency the President. Kenya is headed towards economic take-off, and we should all support his Excellency the President to deliver more progress over the next five years. We are already in Canaan.

John Rutere

Very proud Kenyan residing in the State of NY


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