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VIDEO: Ugandans in Boston Sustaining High Birthrates-DJ Simple Nsereko
Ugandans in Boston
PHOTO:A section of hundreds of Ugandan children who turned up for the 8th Annual Radio Uganda Boston Summer Splash at the Cityhall grounds in Waltham late in July. AJABU AFRICA MEDIA PIC/H.MAINA

Harrison Maina

Aug,28-2017 11:58:17
WALTHAM, Mass.__The Ugandan community in Massachusetts is doing a great job maintaining their traditionally  high birthrate as advised by a motherland based politician and a diaspora based clergyman.

The revelation was given by Geoffrey "Simple" Nsereko, a popular presenter at the Radio Uganda Boston, an online radio serving the large Ugandan community in Massachusetts and beyond during the 8th Annual Radio Boston "Summer Splash" outdoors event held at the town green outside Waltham City Hall on Saturday July 22.

"Ugandans have done a great job in producing kids. They have really done it", Nsereko told Ajabu Africa News during the event.

He said that in the year 2,000, a Ugandan clergyman who lived in Massachusetts at the time, pastor lutaya, while saying a prayer at a baby shower in Waltham urged Ugandan to reproduce more children while here in USA in order to increase their numbers.

"He prayed that let Ugandan produce kids to be in this country. I think they are answering his prayer," said Nsereko .

He added that a Ugandans in the area seem also to be keeping up with the advice of a politician back in their motherland well known for this stance at advising Ugandans to maintain a high birthrate within their families.  

"In Uganda we have a politician, Haji Naduli.  Who encourages people to produce more; So Ugandans are answering Haji Naduli’s call."

Geoffrey "Simple" Nsereko, a presenter at Radio Uganda Boston (center) with Dorothjy Sebbaka of the Women of Purpose International (WOPI) together with a friend during the 2017 edition of the annual Summer Splash event organized by the online Ugandan community radio station. PIC BY H.MAINA/AJABU AFRICAN NEWS

Currently, Haji Naduli is a Uganda Government Minister without portfolio serving the Luwero region of Central Uganda.

Nsereko added that he hopes Ugandans in Boston will not let up from reproducing more babies in honor of the calls from their elders and leaders. He said that on average, a Ugandan family in Boston has 3 children while those passing away are not that many.

 In comparison, their counterparts back in the motherland most families have 5 children on average fuelling a rapid population explosion that currently stands at around 40 million in the small east African country.

While official, reliable statistics of the Ugandan population in Boston are hard to verify, it is a well-known that bulk of the community is concentrated in the culturally diverse and immigrant friendly city of Waltham where they have established multiple businesses and churches.

The Summer Splash is an annual event aimed at providing a summer social networking opportunity for the Ugandan community after a harsh winter season.

"We organized this event to give back to our community that supports us. Our goal is mainly for the children to meet and know each other while showcasing their talents," said Mayanja Mulinde, CEO of Radio Uganda Boston.

Mayanja Mulinde, CEO Radio Uganda Boston. PIC BY H.MAINA/AJABU AFRICAN NEWS

Mulinde thanked the Ugandan community for turning out in big numbers to the event as well as the many generous sponsors who made the event possible.

Several hundred Ugandans of all ages, but mostly children attended the event where they socialized while enjoying traditional Ugandan food, music as well as arts and crafts.

He said that he was looking forward to an even bigger event next year.

To listen to Radio Uganda Boston, click here >>>>>

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