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Kalema Ministries Woburn Convention
Diaspora Properties Link

A company linking Kenyans in the Diaspora and prime investment properties has arrived in Boston to meet with potential investors at the Boston Kenyan Festival in Lowell....

Winnie Muiru

11 year old Winnie Muiru, a Kenyan–American 6th grader from Worcester has won the Massachusetts Pre-Teen Beauty contest, and is now advancing for the Miss USA contest to be held at the Rosen Center Hotel in Orlando, Florida later this year....

Agostino neto

--- About 10 Kenyan members of Parliament will be attending the Boston Kenyan Festival slated for tomorrow Sunday, April 19 at the Lowell Lodge of Elks starting 2pm....

Dennis Oliveira

Recently, Kenyans in Boston were in the news for allegedly causing a serious shortage of goat meat in the Lowell area, a revelation that came to light following a dramatic escape of one goat from the Dennis Oliveira Piggery in Tewksbury....

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Muslim Clerics

Muslim and political leaders from Mombasa, led by Governor Hassan Joho, on Wednesday welcomed the 10-day amnesty that the government has given radicalised youths to surrender and be re-integrated into their communities....

A Garissa University College building/ Pic by courtesy- Standard

The Garissa University College lecturers, who have been missing out in the institution’s massacre script, have finally spoken out....

Garrisa University Terrorist attack suspects in court

Six men alleged to have participated in the Garissa University attack were Tuesday arraigned in court....

Kenyan currency notes

The government has frozen the accounts of 86 individuals and entities suspected to be financing terrorism in the country....


Councillor Daniel Munyambu

A Kenyan will be in the race for a parliamentary seat in the UK when the Br...

Air India

Struggling state-run carrier Air India has grounded two of its pilots after...

Gary Lyon, left, of Leechburg, Pa., and Bill Samford celebrate approval of Gay marriage by Presbyterian church

The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) approved redefining marriage in the church...

Immigration activist Astrid Silva

A growing number of officials from U.S. cities are urging a Texas judge who...

Lupita Nyongo in Uganda

Hollywood star, Lupita Nyong’o, on Saturday March 28 jetted in Uganda to sh...

Boston 2024 Olympics organizing committee  officials meet with ethnic media

BOSTON---If Boston win’s the hotly contested bid to host the 2024 Summer Ol...

Author Mahugu Nuthu

Individuals faced with bias related obstacles in career, personal finance a...

Lost Boy

One of the former Lost Boys of Sudan, John Dau, is a genocide survivor who ...

Cartoon representation of goat kid with human facial features in Kenya

Residents of Kassagam village in Kisumu County, Kenya are still reeling fro...

Moneygram Bringing people closer flyer

A free I-pad, beach balls, stress balls , coin banks, games, face painting ...